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Miami Exclusive delivers the highest luxury to those who wish to suck the marrow out of life. Enjoy the royal treatment as we tailor your stay to optimize your Miami experience. We personalize your program to custom fit your schedule, your needs and your tastes.


Miami Exclusive delivers exceptional quality concierge and errand services. We empower our clients by providing administrative and operational assistance and also offer valuable discounts on a wide range of time management products and services.

Boat Rentals at BOAT.ME

Private Yacht Charters in Miami; Something for Everyone

There are many ways to experience and enjoy all that Miami and the surrounding area has to offer, but one of the most exciting and memorable is by boat. offers luxury yacht charters in Miami that give you the chance to do just that while also deciding for yourself where you want to go, what you want to see and do and how you'd like your day to play out.

With luxury yacht rental Miami from our partner there are a huge range of boats, amenities and extras to choose from to help you create the perfect day out on the water.

Sight-see in Style

To really see Miami, you have to get out on the water. Biscayne Bay, Star Island, Port Miami, the breathtaking Miami skyline and much more can all be best seen from the deck of a boat. But why be restricted to a rigid sightseeing tour when private yacht charter will allow you to see the sights you want to see, at your own pace and in your own time.

Setting your own sightseeing agenda will also allow to to make stops , perhaps at that charming looking restaurant you spy, or at those fascinating little waterfront stores that dot the horizon. And if you would like to benefit from the wisdom of a great local tour guide can help arrange for one to come along with you for the ride.

Having access to your own yacht also means that you can take your sightseeing tour to places that are less well known to tourists. The kinds of places that locals know all about but visitors rarely get a chance to see, but as your time and itinerary will be yours alone you can take advantage of your guide's local expertise to seek some of them out, adding an extra special dimension to your Miami trip.

Celebrate in Style

There are so many special occasions in life that deserve to be celebrated in high style. Weddings, engagements, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and more. And all of these occasions can be celebrated in spectacular and memorable fashion aboard a luxurious yacht.

Opting for Miami yacht charter from offers you more than just a stylish boat to hit the water in though. They can arrange the most spectacular on-board catering provided by some of Miami's top chefs - including a few who have Michelin stars to their name - for world class musical entertainment and DJ services,  professional photography - including drone photography, and much more.

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are another popular reason people opt for Miami yacht rental as what better way could there be to celebrate beginning a life than enjoying yourself with your best friends out at sea?

Relax in Style

For many who come to Miami the trip isn't for a particular reason. or to attend a formal celebration, it's just a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle back home, relax and enjoy the sun, sea, sand and myriad of attractions and fine dining Miami has to offer in abundance.

For these people, yacht rental Miami is just about having fun and making great memories. Some choose to take advantage of the chance to enjoy a lively party out in the open air, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breezy air out on the water without too many cares and away from the crowded clubs and bars on land. can not only provide the yacht to party on but also everything needed to make it all go with a bang.

  1. Others take advantage of a longer rental to take a special family trip a little further out from the mainland, perhaps heading out to the Bahamas to Bimini to enjoy what Miami resident and literary legend Dave Barry calls "the world's most powerful Lethargy Zone, a place where you stop worrying about everything for a while and just enjoy life". Or they may choose to take a simple family day trip, stopping off whenever and wherever they like and enjoying time together that will also create memories they'll treasure for life.

Get Sporty in Style

Miami and water sports just go together naturally and there is almost no limit on what those who enjoy them can do with a Miami yacht rental with  From scuba diving and snorkeling to tubing and jet-skiing they can arrange it all. And for fishermen, the waters around Miami are legendary and so the chance to fish them and enjoy a little luxury at the same time is one that's very hard to pass up.

Whatever you reason to want to get out on the water on your Miami trip a lack of boating experience should never stand between you and you dream day out, memorable family vacation or fabulous celebration. Yachts can be rented fully crewed as necessary, leaving you free to enjoy every precious minute of your time.

Miami unique experience

Miami is a world-renowned tourist destination, but it also offers a vast array of unique places and memorable events hidden from the common visitor. The finest experiences call for an intimate knowledge of the area, and many require an inside connection to gain access. Miami Exclusive has that intimate knowledge, and the Luxury Concierge service is that inside connection

After dark

When the sun goes down, the excitement begins. If you want to dance, have a drink or meet new people, Miami will not disappoint. We will introduce you to the very best nightclubs, bars and special events and ensure that you gain VIP entrance to the most exclusive hot spots in the city

Luxury dinning

Discover the classy cafés and acclaimed restaurants that the tourists missed. Allow us to recommend the fine dining establishments best suited to your unique tastes. We will reserve a table for you anywhere you like, whether at an old mansion, on the 50th floor, or enjoying the Miami skyline against the sunset

Red carpets

Take advantage of our extensive social calendar and get involved with Miami society. Luxury Concierge opens doors to one-of-a-kind occasions, offering you special invitations to exclusive gatherings and private events

VIP admission

Miami is the proud venue of a broad range of events. The professional teams in the city keep the roster full of sporting events. Miami is a clear choice to host all types of concert tours for North American, South American and European celebrities. Miami also boasts expos, fashion shows, conventions and festivals such as Art Basel, the Miami International Boat Show and ULTRA Music Festival. Claim VIP access to the events that most interest you and enjoy the experience to the fullest with preferred seating, backstage passes, special tours and much more


Simplify your travel by combining the plan and the process. Start with a customized itinerary that guides you on a unique journey to everywhere you want to go. Once you’ve decided on your destination, travel in style with your choice of VIP transportation—plane, helicopter, yacht, limousine, luxury car and so on


Nuestro asistente personal de compras lo ayudará, ahorrándole así tiempo y asegurándole satisfacción con sus compras. Nuestros asistentes de compras están íntimamente relacionados con las tiendas y boutiques más elegantes de Miami y podrán ayudarlo a crear su propio estilo personal. Ya sea que prefiera un asistente para acompañarlo a realizar sus compras o alguien que las haga por usted, cualquier opción hará que sea una experiencia gratificante. 

Daily errands

Use our personal concierge service to run your errands, do your personal shopping and handle your household management. We can set up your entertainment, arrange for your transportation and coordinate your travel plans. We will provide you with the information you need and will care for administrative tasks, including scheduling appointments and giving reminders.

Business concierge

Our small business concierge will care for behind-the-scenes details with services such as event and meeting planning, hospitality, arrangements for travel and shuttle, purchase and delivery of supplies, Internet research, catering, banking and postal service. While we tend to these tasks, you are free to focus on what you do best—run your business.

Event planning

We plan your event with the highest level of professionalism to make sure that it is utterly flawless. Nowhere else in Miami can you find a team more dedicated to your event’s success.
We are one of the best Miami event production and event planner companies for Miami event planning, corporate events, event management and event coordinator. We are professional Miami corporate event planner and party planners.


Your wedding or commitment ceremony should be absolutely perfect. Whether you dream of a small, intimate ceremony or an extravagant affair, our expert staff will orchestrate everything from the flowers to the music so that you and your honored guests can enjoy and fully experience your special day

Private parties

Treat yourself and your guests to an enjoyable party with good food and a festive atmosphere. Our event planners will customize your event to suit you, and we will care for the music, the catering, and so on

Kid parties

Create lasting memories for your child with a personalized party. We will help you plan a gathering that fits your child’s age and interests and delights the guests

Corporate events

Experience the benefits of a corporate event tailored to your organization and its goals. Allow us to organize your gathering so that you get the most from your professional training, networking events and company retreats

Social events

Bring your guests together in style for your charity ball, holiday celebration, reunion or other social event. Let us help you design the perfect place, theme, and menu to make your occasion unforgettable

Event brief

We will help you to define the objectives and strategies for your event so that you achieve the best results within your budget and on your timeline

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